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everything’s so funny when u use the wrong measurement:

  • 5 gallons of homework
  • mouthful of lint
  • 20 degrees of facial oil
  • 7 pints of china
  • handful of fergi
  • 60 mph of dad
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This is a Klipspringer (Oreotragus oreotragus), a small species of antelope. They primarily live in mountainous areas, and it’s hooves are designed like that to allow it to stand on even the tiniest outcrop of rock. 

its on its widdle tippy toes

the underside of their hooves is also quite rubbery and allows for better grip— it’s reported they can land safely on rock as wide as a dime.

also they mate for life and always stay by their mate. one will keep watch while another eats and are generally the cutest little things

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if you call yourself a “gamer,” try loving yourself better and don’t

halos ,grab your master chiefs, dark soulss, grab your lord soul, dragon ages, grab youre alistair, gamers ujnite

what about league of legends

Uninstall your games

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sometimes i wanna rp but i know im just gunna be like

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stop scrolling. now.


stop whatever you’re doing

just stop


you’ll be ok

if you see this, somebody cares

times are tough, but somebody cares.

you should NEVER feel like you deserve to die, and you don’t

don’t do it. not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever

don’t do it because somebody cares

don’t do it because there is so much more to you than sadness

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   My name is Wesley James Lock I’m an artist and an aspiring biologist living on the west coast of Florida. For as long as I can remember I have loved two things, art, and animals. I started studying both from a very young age and my dream has always been to make a career out of it. Unfortunately I dropped out of school for personal and health reasons and recently had to quit my job as well. I had been working construction for the last couple years but kept getting injured and just can’t do it anymore. 

   I can still make art, and want to bring back to life my dream of making it as a wildlife illustrator. I’d love to start selling prints and doing commissions again to bring myself back into it. 

  If you like my work and are interested in buying or commissioning a piece please send me a message, or if you would be kind enough to share this I’d greatly appreciate it.

 I work in a wide range of budgets and always enjoy a challenge. Thank you for taking the time to read this, be well <3 


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" painted elf? oh that’s me! "

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i drew an alternate ending ♡

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August 15, 2014

This is a friend’s nephew. This is all the information I have right now. As updates come I will give them, but for now, I’m asking for a SIGNAL BOOST!